Grey’s Anatomy : "there is a lot of passion and sexual desire between Meredith and DeLuca" according to Giacomo Gianniotti

TF1 pursues the dissemination of the season 15 of “Grey’s Anatomy” each Wednesday night with two episodes. On this occasion, we have been able to speak with Giacomo Gianniotti alias Andrew DeLuca, the new pretender of Meredith… ABC/Eric McCandless When Meredith and DeLuca embraced each other at the finale of season 14, what was your reaction to reading the script ? Were you as surprised as we, and were you expecting a love story blossoms between them ? Giacomo Gianniotti : I wasn’t expecting and it was at this time, there is something fun, not all serious, it was really in the pure comedy, DeLuca was seriously worse for wear. What happens next between them in the season 15 was not originally planned. Our showrunneuse Krista Vernoff has had this idea by seeing us on this plane in the first episode, when that one is set in a bed during a scene of a dream of Meredith. Another plot was planned for my character and she decided to change everything due to the chemistry she felt between us. Their story starts in a context of competition, since DeLuca is not the only one interested in Meredith. With Link (Chris Carmack), they form a sort of love triangle. Why, according to you, DeLuca is the right person for it, and therefore why the Link is not ? You know, it’s one of those cases where we can not explain why one is more attracted to one person than another. This is not a question of beauty, Link is a very handsome man also, he is gifted and he is mature. On paper, it could be the right person for Meredith, but she does not feel like it. Andrew is a boy who loves, he places his career above everything else, and it is something that Meredith shared with him. She is not only intelligent and attractive, she is also a great teacher, and Andrew loves it in her home, he learns to his side, she becomes almost a mentor to him. It is this that makes their relationship very strong. And you consider yourself Ellen Pompeo as a mentor ? No doubt. Ellen Pompeo is a role model for me and for all of us on the shoot. She is the heroine of Grey’s Anatomy for the past 15 years. It’s very rare for such a longevity and such an involvement, as much professional than emotional. I had the chance to see it make an episode on two occasions, and it excels in this area. I’m still learning at his side, I have to be at the top of my game to be at the height. And it is a love. DeLuca is younger than Meredith, fifteen years, and what kind of relationships where the woman is older than her boyfriend is quite rarely shown on television whereas the reverse is very common. It was time, no ? I agree with you. It must happen all the time in France that, right ? (laughter) Hollywood in any case, it is a constant for a very long time : it seems perfectly normal for a man to be with a woman younger than him, but as soon as it is a woman with a younger man, in fact a whole story. The proof : you are asking me the question, one we pose with Ellen on a very regular basis, it is clearly something that challenges them, which proves that it was right to do so. For us, the message is always the same : love is love, regardless of sexual orientation, origins… What counts is what works for them, which flourished. Meredith would have been able to do DeLuca’s his “toy boy”, his sexual object, but what happens between them goes far beyond that… As at the beginning of a love relationship, there is a lot of passion and sexual desire between them, but this state never lasts forever. And for them, it passes quickly to the next phase. They take pleasure in spending time together and, especially, to talk, to tell; DeLuca has a family history is complicated, a children’s special; he has a father suffering from a mental illness and it is something he needs to live today so that Meredith, herself, has lived with his mother in the past and has managed to move on to something else. They can share their experiences and DeLuca has a lot to learn on his own. In addition, she is a widow, she has children, she has a heavy bag and she can not afford to begin in a romantic relationship to body lost. She is very responsible, it is that things take place simply and quietly.

ABC/Mitch Haaseth, as You have said, you can learn a lot more about the life of Andrew, who remained until now a mystery… Yes, because of a point of view story, from the moment the character becomes a suitor for the heroine, it is important that the public can more identify with him, falling in love with him at the same time as Meredith, somewhere. It has therefore been decided to give Andrew a past, a family, a father who comes back into his life now and make sure to involve Meredith in it too. For me, in any case, this is a great opportunity to play. I take a lot of pleasure to discover Andrew in more depth. Grey’s Anatomy has become this year the series medical of prime-time longest in history. What can you tell us about the special episode that was concocted for this occasion ? The desire of the writers, it was to bring together all the characters in one place, and not to deal with intrigue, medical for the first time. No scene takes place in the hospital. It all takes place in the apartment is wide and luxurious of Jackson, who hosts a party in honour of Catherine Avery, his mother. The alcohol flows freely and nothing is going as planned, we go from disaster to disaster. This episode is really fun, a little apart, that celebrates the characters and that was directed by Chandra Wilson (Bailey) who was there from the first episode and who wished to pay tribute to the fans of the first hour. And he had a true feast with the whole team after the shooting ? Not really, because in fact we spent the entire shoot together, or nearly so. You know, on the season of 25 episodes, it sometimes happens that some characters never meet, or very seldom, if although there are some actors that you may not see it on the shelf for weeks. One sees that in spite of everything at the “table read” of each week, where we read the script for the new episode and our replica all together, but it stops there. For once, we were all together and honestly, each day of shooting was a feast ! Is it that you remember of your audition to join the series, your meeting with Shonda Rhimes ? The meeting is made very simply, but I remember well the context in the other hand. The production was looking for an Italian actor to play the character of Andrew, so I tried my luck. And then finally, it was not done on time because its introduction has been delayed. I thought it would never happen, so for me it was finished. And then a few months later, while I was on a road trip with friends between Toronto and Los Angeles, I was playing the guitar quietly on the back seat, mode of relaxation, I received a phone call from the production to tell me that the character was going to eventually happen in the series, and Shonda Rhimes wanted to meet with me. Panic at the edge of the blow ! I spent the rest of the way to read and reread lines of dialogue to prepare myself and I went to the appointment as soon as I arrived in Los Angeles ! We mostly talked about the character, I was afraid of being impressed, but everything was simple and I got the role.
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